REAL TIME COMMUNICATION - Everything you want to know about your shipment, in real time* by text and email.


What do you want to know....

  • Current location?

  • Impact or possible damage alert?

  • Temperature range anomaly alert?

  • Unauthorized or premature opening alert?

  • Deviation from planned route?

SmartShip Live™ is a compact GPS enabled smart device with cellular activated communications and sensors AND a super long battery life.

  • Web based real time GPS, for tracking and location history

  • Built in accelerometer records impacts up to 24g with definable alert levels

  • Temperature sensor with definable alert levels

  • Light sensor in covert use, to detect opening / tampering of boxed or contained goods, real time alert with location

  • Geocoding settings with alerts for deviation

  • SmartShip Live™ is fully reusable with a long operational life






Built in flash memory records events when device has no cellular signal and immediately transmits on resumption of signal with history log.



View all devices by status at any time.


The SmartShip Live video provides a brief overview of the feature & benefits of the device and software.

Accessories (click on accessory for large view)

Z844030 - Mounting Plate

Black finish with wood mounting screws

P843038 - Nylon Tie Straps

Nylon Tie Straps 1”x24” adjustable.

P843039 - 3M Dual Lock HD Velcro

3M dual lock HD Velcro 2’ length 440 stems/inc.

Z844040 - Magnetic Mounting Kit

1-1/4” dia. (4) with screws and kep nuts.

Technical Specifications

1. Battery – lithium ion polymer

3.7V power, 200mAh. Battery life up to 1 year based on number of alerts (rechargeable)

2. Temperature Sensor

Operational: -4°F to 140°F Storage: -40°F to 185°F

3. Operating Humidity

50% to 90%

4. Physical Specifications

6.9” x 1.6” x 1.4”, 7 oz. or 0.44 lbs.

5. Cellular Modem

GSM: Quad Band (850, 900, 1800, 1900). Built in antenna

6. Network

Data: GSM, GPRS, and SMS

7. Messages

SMS: Encrypted Protocol GPRS: TCP/IP over PPP

8. GPS

Receiver and Antenna: Internal (built in) Protocol: NMEA (Binary format)
Positioning Accuracy: Position 10m CEP (50%), Velocity 0.2m/s (50%)
Navigation Update Rate: 1 second (default)
Navigation Method: All in view solution, 2-Satellite solution A-GPS
Time to First Fix (TTFF): Hot Start: 2 sec. Warm Start: 35 sec. Cold Start: 50 sec.

9. CPU Capacity

Static RAM: 128Kb, Nonvolatile memory 34Kb, Flash Memory 2048Kb

10. Accelerometer

3 Axis, ±24g, 0.1g resolution identify and report events of impact.

11. Power Consumption

Sleep/Idle 0.05mAh, GPS only 105 mAh, GPRS only 80 mAh, GPS and GPRS 165 mAh

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